Transform your business with an API-led, first-of-its kind enterprise integration platform

Be agile, innovate faster and step-up your bank's cloud journey with iTurmeric - a digital acceleration platform that comes stacked-up with dynamic features.

Developer Studio Developer Studio

Developer Studio

Flexible and powerful developer studio on a cloud-based infrastructure

Unified Formats Unified Formats

Unified Formats

Unified format-agnostic message templates with a dictionary of message fields

Agile & Flexible Orchestration Agile & Flexible Orchestration

Agile & Flexible Orchestration

Simplified and intuitive instructions sets for message orchestrations

Deployment Artifacts Deployment Artifacts

Deployment Artifacts

Configurations imported as artifacts, enabling flexible deployments across multiple environments

Independant Test Cycles Independant Test Cycles

Independent Test Cycles

Framework is developed as a set of loosely coupled libraries, enabling isolated testing

Runtime Debugging Runtime Debugging

Runtime Debugging

Supports the debug mode - both in developer and production environment

Comprehensive Monitoring Comprehensive Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring

For all routes and stages of the message flows

Interface Documentation Interface Documentation

Interface Documentation

Interface document generation from the interface definitions

Product Overview

An integrated platform for Composable Business Design in a single collaborative environment with a built-in Sandbox.

This integrated platform comprises 4 environment Studios – Experience, API, Orchestration & Integration.

Drag & Drop Orchestration and Integration Design with real-time in-step debugging.

Domain-object Technology helps build consistent experiences and a One Meta-Data model.

The API Studio helps build APIs on the existing and traditional monolith applications, thus providing microservices capabilities.

Our deep insight that UI/UX has constant fluidity in design, led us to create the UX Studio that helps in building ‘Fluid Pages’ – and all of it is AngularJS-compliant.

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Design Apps on the fly

Drag & Drop UI Designer to develop apps with omnichannel user experiences

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Unified Platform for APIs

Design, build, test, secure, manage and retire APIs using one platform

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Process Orchestration

Model complex business flows which span across multiple disparate systems. Test them on-the-fly using the sophisticated orchestration engine and a runtime debugger

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Enterprise Integration

Connect applications together quickly and easily, using out-of-the-box integration tools


Business Rationale for Financial Institutions

Accelerate your cloud journey. Collaborate with partners and customers, to build new and innovative solutions with the world’s first API-led digital transformation solution for financial institutions.


Are legacy platforms hampering your chances of participating in the experience economy? With an API-first architecture, iTurmeric, the first-of-its-kind enterprise integration, cloud-native platform, enables banks to progressively modernise, while ensuring business continuity without the risk of rip and replacement.

  • CFO1
  • CFO2
  • CFO3
  • CFO4
  • CFO5
  • How can I provide a uniform customer experience with legacy platforms that are difficult to extend?

  • How do I launch new products/services with agility, innovation and acceleration, on top of a heterogeneous ecosystem in the bank?

  • How can I design, document & publish APIs, messages and business flows as digital assets to re-use it across channels?

  • How do I promote collaboration with partners and customers, and provide them with flexibility in implementation?

  • How do I centralise the integration of heterogeneous applications without disrupting the current ecosystem?

The Five Assets of iTurmeric

Design, develop and test enterprise integration processes through the five building blocks of iTurmeric - a low-coding and lightweight Java-based enterprise integration platform.

API Exchange API Exchange

API Exchange

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API Studio API Studio

API Studio

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Experience Studio Experience Studio

Experience Studio

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Integration & Orchestration Studio Integration & Orchestration Studio

Integration & Orchestration Studio

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Developer Sandbox Developer Sandbox

Developer Sandbox

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