First-of-its-kind enterprise Cloud-native, API-first, Microservices-based platform

Banks across the world are still saddled with legacy applications that are hampering their participation in the experience economy. With API-first architecture, iTurmeric, the first-of-its-kind cloud-native MACH Composition platform enables banks to progressively modernise, while ensuring business continuity without the risks of ‘rip and replacement’.

GUI – Studio

The iTurmeric platform is a browser-based designer studio for modelling user experience and business flows using plug & play integration services. The studio can be deployed on a bank's infrastructure where multiple projects can be managed. It is also multi-tenant enabled, where multiple project teams can use the same instance to work on their respective projects. The studio provides facilities to configure user experience, endpoints, message formats, business flows (choreography), APIs and custom UX.

The studio offers the tools needed to build user experience, connectors, define APIs and implement data/application flows, and dramatically simplifies complex multi-system integration.


Message Templates

Messages are at the core of iTurmeric (especially for applications that are connected to the iTurmeric exchange data in the form of messages). The message templates workbench provides features to create data models for each business message in an agnostic format. This message format can be decided during the configuration of a business flow in the application.

The templates created using the workbench will be given the extension .ofd (iTurmeric Document). A template can either be created manually or can also be imported from another source like an XML Schema Definition (XSD) or a JSON Schema Definition.

Message Converter (Transformations)

Since data often resides in different locations and formats across the enterprise, its transformation is necessary to ensure that data from one application or database is intelligible to other applications and databases - a critical feature for applications integration.

In iTurmeric, it is possible to model business flows that receive data in one format and transform it to other formats, which a target system can process. The message transformation mapping tool can transform from any source to target formats on XML, JSON, SWIFT, CSV, Flat Files Excel and ISO 8583 formats.

The iTurmeric data transformation mapping tool provides a facility to enhance a source message and perform basic changes on the message, using inbuilt transformation methods.

Complex Choreography – Flow Modelling A flow is used to define the logical sequence of execution of various iTurmeric runtime components like connectors, integration tasks, etc., in a well-orchestrated manner to achieve a business result.

Weaver, the iTurmeric studio, provides a highly advanced drag and drop-based flow modeller to simulate any kind of complex business flow. It is possible to invoke one flow from another flow and also to define an embedded sub-flow within a flow. Embedded sub-flows are mainly used for exception handling, event handling, etc.


Reports Engine

The Runtime Manager console of the iTurmeric platform provides a facility to monitor API invocations, message exchange and file processing. The monitoring consoles include facility for sorting, searching and pagination of data, and can provide complete information about transactions including latency, request/response time, etc. It can also provide step-by-step latency in a flow.

All data available in the Runtime Manager console is downloadable as PDF/EXCEL reports, which can then be used for MIS purposes. Apart from inbuilt reports, it is possible to design new consoles (interface-specific/customer-specific) and then export the reports on those consoles.

Management Console

The iTurmeric platform comes with a Runtime Manager, that can be used by administrators to manage the runtime execution. The administrator will be able to start/stop the jobs, switch on/switch off any connectivity to/from the platform and also manage throttling required for APIs/messages/files.

Runtime Manager facilitates monitoring of data exchange, in and out of iTurmeric. The monitoring console provides a facility for API Monitoring, API Analytics, Job Monitoring, File Exchange Monitoring, Message Exchange Monitoring and Exceptions Monitoring Console.


Event Hub – Signal Management

Asynchronous processing is a very important design pattern in building enterprise applications and event-driven processing plays an important role in enabling it.

The signals management module of iTurmeric platform provides features that enable developers to publish and subscribe to events. It uses Apache Kafka for the Events Hub Management.

It enables the publishing of signals during a flow execution, waiting for a signal during a flow execution or triggering a new flow, based on a signal. The Events Hub module provides a facility to perform large data processing in the background, thus ensuring that synchronous API calls are responded to, faster.

Store and Forward

iTurmeric comes with an inbuilt SAF Manager to manage, store and forward messages/files. It is possible to create multiple SAF queues and use them on the platform for various data exchanges.

The SAF Manager supports the facility to decide the volume of data that can be dispatched at any moment. Additionally, future-dated forwards are also supported.


Events & Alerts

Alert Management is an important feature of the iTurmeric platform. It enables defining business events and model flows, to handle those events and generate alerts. The alerts can be pushed through multiple channels like SMS, email, internal applications (via messages), Runtime Manager and Exception Manager. The Alert Manager, which is integrated with the Runtime Manager, can configure templates for different kinds of alerts and can display alerts on different events to the bank staff.

The Alert Management module of the platform has the capability to design and manage templates. These templates can be used for generating alerts, both in email and SMS channels.

Performance Engineering

Performance Management is an integral part of the iTurmeric platform and the applications designed on it have performance parameters which are set at various places. These parameters include:

  • API Throttling: The number of API requests that can be honoured in a second. This can be configured resource-wise at a global level/client level.
  • Message Throttling: The number of concurrent messages that can be executed parallelly at any point in time. The message throttling is configured at endpoint level.
  • File Throttling: The number of concurrent files that can be executed parallelly at any point in time. The file throttling is configured at endpoint level.
  • Backend Application Throttling: It can control the number of API calls/SOAP calls/Message routes made to a target endpoint. This feature is useful when integrating with legacy systems that cannot handle high concurrency.


iTurmeric has an inbuilt Security Manager for securing all published services from unauthorised access. This security is implemented using encryption, digital signing and message digest concepts. The secret keys used in the security layer are maintained in an inbuilt vault to prevent unauthorised access. These security features can seamlessly be integrated into the flow modeller and used inside the orchestration by just dragging and dropping of the components.

  • API Security: The platform supports JWT token / OAUTH 2 protocol-based security for APIs, which can be secured for both authentication and entitlements.
  • Message Security: The platform supports AES256-based symmetric encryption for confidentiality. For message integrity, the platform supports RSA 256-based digital signing and verification.
  • File Security: File Security is managed through SMIME or PGP Encryption. Also, checksums are used to manage duplicate checks.

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